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dental technology

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Dental technology

The Centre Dentaire Chêne-Bourg makes every effort to provide you with treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials in dentistry to meet the highest standards.

nursing chair

TV Screens

Our armchair TV screens ensure that your treatments are as relaxing as possible: watch a film, documentary or programme during your treatments or cartoons for the children.

optical impression

Optical impression

ACD techniques stand for Assisted Computerised Dentistry and require high technology. The tooth prepared by the dentist is photographed by an optical camera replacing the traditional impression.

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Electron microscope

In our centre, root treatments, as well as many more classical procedures such as composites, onlays, often requiring high precision, are generally performed with optical magnification means: magnifying glasses or operating microscopes installed in all the practices.

Doctor-Dentist Geneva

Intraoral camera

The intraoral camera allows us to show you live on the TV screen a problem present in your mouth (lesion, broken amalgam, etc.) or a cavity in order to help you understand the purpose of our treatments.

burg channel implant surgery

Implant Surgery

Today, this treatment is simple and painless. For the most complex cases, we use 3D radiology and ultrasonic systems which, thanks to the application of rigorous protocols, enable us to carry out these treatments with great reliability.

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Osteocentral Anesthesia

Osteocentral anesthesia enables injection close to the apexes, guaranteeing incomparable efficacy. Injection into the cancellous bone ensures numbness-free anesthesia that spreads to up to 8 teeth with a single injection point.

Kavo's Diagnocam

Kavo's Diagnocam

The new KaVo DIAGNOcam is the first camera to use tooth structure to diagnose caries. It uses transillumination(laser) with a wavelength of 780nm, which is used like a fiber optic.

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