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Centre dentaire Chêne-Bourg - Dental whitening

Preliminary oral check-up

Dental bleaching Chêne-Bourg

Tooth whitening is a process that aims to lighten the staining of enamel and dentin by means of a gel based on hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide).

However, no whitening treatment should be carried out without a prior oral check-up, during which your dentist will make sure that there are no contraindications (untreated caries, devitalized teeth, weak enamel, gum irritation, etc.).

Chairside dental whitening

  • The "in office" treatment, carried out in the office, consists of the application of a high concentration of gel on the teeth, which is also light activated; this method is fast and done under medical supervision.
  • The "devitalized tooth" (gray) treatment is done from the inside of the tooth. The bleaching product is applied to the root area, and the tooth is whitened afterwards.

Important Bleaching cannot be performed in the presence of tartar and/or cavities. Before undertaking a whitening treatment, a complete examination and cleaning of your teeth is mandatory!

The 2 types of bleaching performed at the Chêne-Bourg Dental Center

  • Philamed Diamond, the most complete whitening: We use hydrogen peroxide to get the best result!

Duration: 90 minutes, product application: 4x 15 minutes

Duration in time: min 1 year maximum all life

It all depends on your lifestyle and your teeth.

Price : CHF 493.00

  • Philamed Star, a medium whitening, for a natural white smile, or to maintain a Diamond whitening.

Duration: 60 minutes, product application: 3x 10 minutes

Duration in time: about 1 year

Price: CHF 270.00

The steps of the dental bleaching treatment :

  1. The starting and final shades are defined with the shade guide
  2. The practitioner places the lip and tongue retractor
  3. The practitioner places the gingival barrier
  4. The LED lamp is placed for one minute to freeze the gingival barrier
  5. The practitioner applies the whitening gel and the LED lamp is placed for 10 to 15 minutes
  6. The gel will be removed and replaced: the process is repeated 3 or 4 times depending on the bleaching chosen
  7. The hygienist will perform a fluoridation

Things to avoid before care:

- Do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 5 hours
- Do not smoke for 24 hours. For those who can't hold out, you must hold out for at least 5 hours
- Avoid drinks such as tea, coffee, acidic drinks, syrup, wine, ...

Dental whitening Chêne-Bourg : important information before making an appointment

Results may vary depending on the nature of my enamel and my oral hygiene habits. Bleaching is not intended to lighten crowns, veneers or any other dental restorations, and therefore, these restorations may show a shift in shade from natural teeth following bleaching.

Pain - Sensitivity: Certain conditions can increase or prolong the sensitivity that normally occurs in the first 24 hours following the start of bleaching, including dentine hypersensitivity, gum recession, dental fissures, caries, and defective fillings.

Dental Whitening at Home

Tooth whitening kit to use at home

The "home bleach" treatment, performed at home, consists of the application of a bleaching gel of a lower concentration in custom-made trays, which you will wear either during the day (2 times 40 min per day for 9-14 days) or all night.

Philips Zoom - Tooth Whitening

Opalescence™ for Dental Whitening